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D-r Zlatina Todorova

"MEDICA 3" is one of the leading dental practices in The Eastern Cost of the Black Sea. The practices are located in the luxurious Bulgarian resort "Golden Sands" so that you can take complete care of your health and beauty, body and teeth. You can combine the magical healing effect of the sun, water and seaweeds of the Black Sea with the chance of getting an efficient high - tech and know - how dental treatment.

Here we can offer everything for a pleasant stay - enormous outdoor and indoor swimming pools with hot mineral water, balneology treatment centers, attractive restaurants, which serve superb international cuisine, Bulgarian taverns where you can taste the national cuisine.

Even in winter we can offer various activities and trips to enjoy your stay and introduce you with the ancient traditions, national culture and customs of Bulgarian people.


We introduce one entirely new idea - holiday and dental treatment all together HEAL & TRAVEL.

HEAL & TRAVEL is the latest fashion in the Western Europe countries. More and more people choose a holiday with the aim of dental treatment in some of the Iron Curtain countries.

BULGARIA is one of the best destinations in summer & winter because of:
In 2001 "MEDICA 3" became a part from the world dental society. It is a very active, flexible dental firm which has a strong domestic and international market - there is a stable flow of patients for dental treatment from Israel, England, Germany and other countries worldwide.

HEALTH, BEAUTY, WELL - BEING - D-r Todorova and her team work for increasing your standard of life, convenience and self-confidence


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